Dutch Mobile Conference

Sometime in April, I’ve been contacted by the nice people from Ibuildings if I’d be interested to give a presentation at the upcoming Dutch Mobile Conference. I said ‘yes’, so a month from now I’ll be in Amsterdam speaking about Web Performance Optimisation.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here is the structure of my keynote:

  • In the beginning of the talk I will try to make some strong arguments, backed by numbers, why Web Performance Optimisation is still extremely relevant and how it helps users and businesses as well.

  • Afterwards, my focus will shift towards listing the most effective optimisation techniques and explaining how they work. I will also share a number of tools that help automate these techniques. This will be the core of the presentation.

  • The final part of the session will be dedicated to discussing the new challenges of web optimisation and how to make better use of a device‚Äôs capabilities.

Besides me, obviously, there will be other talented people that will speak about various topics, so if you decide to attend DMC14 I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting things to see. In the meantime you can get tickets here.