Day 1

The best presentation I attended the first day was JavaScript ♥ Unicode by Mathias Bynens. Although the topic was a bit obscure, Mathias, besides being a great developer is also a talented speaker, so the talk was both informative and entertaining.

Another keynote that interested me a lot was given by Sakri Rosenstrom. He shared a few tips and tricks on how to improve the performance of HTML5 Canvas, something that I’m currently using on a project.

Day 2

Bert Timmermans - Gotta code them all

For me, the most anticipated part of the second day was Bert Timmermans’ presentation: “Gotta code them all, a Pokémon and HTML5 love story”. While I used to work with Bert and have seen various demos before, I was really curious to see the progress on his project – writing a Pokémon game in Javascript. The highlight of the talk was, obviously, the demo. Which I think impressed everybody. Well done, Bert!

Somewhat surprising, because I almost skipped it, the talk that, let’s say, inspired me the most was the one from Dominic Wilcox. Dominic is an artist that makes wacky and interesting things. But it was not his work that stuck with me, it was the fact that people were talking about it and even using it. So what I realised at the end of his presentation was that almost no matter what you do, the internet is a pretty big place. And almost always there is a group of people that will be interested in what you make. You just have to make something and put it out there.

Here are some other projects of mine:

Front-End Front – A crowd-curated news website focused on front-end development
PSD Repo – Free quality PSDs available for download
Sketch Repo – Free, high quality Sketch resources